Good heavens, abcd, I don’t know when I’ve last been called sweet or accused of ‘molly-coddling…
Kimberly Dark

I am downright offended (see what I did there?) by the assumption that political correctness is merely a concept that is used to give everyone a voice on college campuses today. For it is in fact the complete opposite! Surely you can see how ignoring such a childish concept would stand to benefit everyone’s opinion rather than a select few. Let us get down to who has the right answers here: more people have been silenced or neglected to speak their mind because of political correctness than those otherwise. You are labeled as an amoral bigot, the gist of which is to, once again, legitimize reasons to disregard well-founded criticism because it does not fit into one’s own idea of right and wrong.

. Unable to grasp the possibility that others’ opinions may differ from your own, you use political correctness as a means to harass, indeed silence those voices on the other side of the spectrum. Political correctness, contrary to what you may believe, was created and later intentionally augmented to have your voice be heard and mine ignored; free speech in its entirety, however, benefits everyone. I, too, agree that treating others with respect should be held paramount on college campuses; but why is this only relevant when, for example, the right criticizes the left? Perhaps this dreaded concept only benefits one side of the political and idealogical isle and not the other? And perhaps your views have arisen from you being on the better, cozier side.

. And I did read your post quite thoroughly. I simply disagree (the three simple words that have caused thousands of bigots to be triggered).

Kimberly Dark

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