For Korryn Gaines
Son of Baldwin

Is this where we are in the year 2016? Long gone are the days of idealizing Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman. For now, we would rather worship a soulless witch who had her own child in one hand and a shotgun in the other as she used her very own innocent boy to protect herself from gunfire. I pity the state of mind that can find a justification for doing what she did. BLM, what should have been a noble and just cause, has been perverted by the intellectually inept and morally wicked; it has been perverted by those who practice racism, the all-too-familiar concept they profess to despise so greatly. But hey, why remember the words of the revered MLK when we can canonize Michael Brown as a “gentle giant” who just happened to rob convenient stores and attack police officers in his spare time; why recall Rosa Park refusing to give up her chair from that bus when we can quote a lunatic hair stylist whose actions made her son get shot. Shame on her, and shame on you.