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Angela Schwer

Look up what it is like to be an Asian American who, after scoring a perfect score on her college admissions exam, has 100 points deducted from her final score while other minority groups have 150 points added onto theirs, namely because the Asian culture that did not forget to teach their children the value of a proper education in a civilized society is responsible for Asian Americans being over-represented in college campuses. It is rather peculiar how, for example, the same group of people who were forcefully thrown into camps during WWII are now more well-off than the average white person in America; and it is even stranger how Indian Americans, the same group of people who were mostly condemned to poverty when a vast majority migrated to America a couple of generations ago, now have a average family income of over $100,000.

And because the average white family in America makes approximately $60,000, it is safe to say that they are kicking whitey’s melanin-lacking ass. But hey, it’s society’s fault, right? Surely one wouldn’t make the argument that these people benefit from an Asian privilege brought upon by our Chinese founding fathers, our Japanese president, and a Congress that is vastly occupied by Indians.

. While looking into our dreaded past is indeed a way to prevent us from making the same mistakes, it is a fool’s mindset that believes the atrocities written in this article are still relevant today. It is this plantation narrative that has held the African American community back in recent years. Why would Michael or Korryn decide to better themselves through education if they have been taught by their parents that they are predetermined to failure by a faceless entity (I presume he is white) who has condemned them to a live in the ghetto? Surely you can understand that calling death to cops in the name of BLM is counterproductive. It will only lead to more young black men resisting arrest and more cops showing force out of fear that they, too, will be condemned to the same fate as those gunned down by BLM sympathizers. And although statistics, data, and good old common sense is almost never on the side of those who viciously denigrate the very people who we depend on to keep us safe, it does not stop them from spouting their groundless anti-cop rhetoric.

Angela Schwer

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