Yeah, the majority of whites who are murdered are done so by the hands of a white person.
Trevor Bird

. Personal insults and an attempt to assassinate the character of one’s opponent: a leftist classic indeed!

. I am tempted to point out the flaw in your logic. The issue brought to surface was not that whites usually kills whites and blacks usually kill blacks. This is a fact. What is equally accurate is that the rate in which blacks kill blacks, adjusted with the population difference, is grotesquely higher than the rate at which whites kill whites. The number one avoidable cause of death for young white men is automobile accidents; the number one cause of preventable death for young black men is homicide. You will have to pardon my outrage over the laughable spectacle of a group of intellectually inept race-baiters rioting and looting over the deaths of twenty or so African Americans in the hands of police — most of which were justifiable — when thousands have been slaughtered in our streets in the past year alone.

. While it may be tempting, indeed gosh-darn inevitable, to want to throw in the racism accusations to the point where it has become utterly meaningless , I urge you to — dare I break the sacred rules of political correctness to say this — take into consideration the problems within the colored communities as the precursor for the quality of life that has been lacking for the average black person in America.

. With the poverty rate being only five percent (same for whites) for educated black families whose fathers have not left shortly after the umbilical cord was cut, or for those young mothers who did not have children perhaps too prematurely, it is an unmistakable truth that the economic discrepancies, which often lead to poverty and high crime rates and police confrontations (and therefore police shootings), is maybe, just maybe an inner-cultural problem rather than a societal one. With the strides the civil rights movement has made throughout the prior decades, black undereducated rates is up, woman having children before marriage is at 70% (up from 20% from the 1960s), and, perhaps most appalling, black on black murder rates are staggering. Are all of these caused by what you consider to be institutional racism/discrimination against blacks? And, if so, because these numbers have gotten worse since MLK told everyone he had a dream, is America more racist now than it was in the 1960s, a time when water fountains were still segregated? And because these three, among other, life choices has been said by every sociologist and economist worth his or her salt to be the driving factors of a crime-driven, poor quality of life, is it perhaps possible that not addressing these issues while pointing the finger at an invisible suppressor (I presume he’s white) can only prove to increase said levels, therefore leading to more black deaths and higher justifiable police shootings?

The number one problem facing Americans of every color: neglecting to accept personal responsibility. It has become far too fashionable to blame whitey, the “evil, capitalistic” government, and the wealthy for our own stupidity.

Trevor Bird

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