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. Resorting to violence and censoring one’s due right of expression, however absurd it may at times be, and you have the intellectual gaul to refer to other people as fascists? That peculiar odor you have noticed in recent years is the foul stench of hypocrisy. You, my dear, are a part of the emotional cowardly portion of America who deems is necessary to combat opposing schools of thought with violence and extremism, the former of which, in a case of bitter irony, contradicts your entire notion of embracing and maintaining tolerance.

And yes: if you call enough people racist, sexist, homophobic, amoral bigots, most of whom are not deserving of these titles, sooner or later they will back a blatantly obnoxious Jewish, gay internet troll who frequently brags about his biracial relationships (making him a Kardashian rather than a white supremacist); one whose sole endeavor in life has become to combat what he perceives as childish attempts to censor his basic right of expression. I for one am filled with a sense of foreboding when I contemplate the future of a culture where the intellectually barren falsely believe they have the moral high ground, as you do now.

. I take solace in the certain knowledge that if I am ever so fortunate as to come across one of your sympathizers in the marketplace, your precious snowflakes are sure to melt when they come to the realizations that, in the real world, some employers spew out 2–3 micro/macro aggressions before sunrise! You are an exceptional writer Laurie, and you do wonders with your pen and paper. For the sake of putting intellectual advancement over emotional stagnation, please do not deny others, however absurd they may appear, their owed right of expression when they talk about “unfavorable subjects.” Maybe, just maybe then students of all origin will introduce themselves to opposing points, not just lockstep liberalism in New York and supply-side conservatism in Texas.

Laurie Penny

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