America’s Biggest Welfare Queen Wastes More Of Your Money Getting Free Stuff
Caitlin Johnstone

. The $600 billion used for defense spending, which practically gives America the ability to provide safety for 80% of the entire world, is tiny compared to how much is spent on government subsidiaries. What is more, since you decided to quote the economically oblivious Bernie Sanders, the $600 billion military budget is a spec on a dust compared to the trillions of dollars (close to $20 trillion in 10–15 years) that would be added onto our national debt if Sanders were to successfully taint our capitalistic system with his perverted ideas of “democratic socialism.” Leftists need to introduce themselves to the concept of “those who do not work, do not eat;” they must realize that the advances made in technology, medicine, science, among other things, primarily arise from the profit incentive, and that taxing and over-regulating the bejesus out of corporations in the name of “social justice” will indirectly have negative effects on the same people they were trying to protect when new cancers drugs cease to appear and the iPhone is updated once every five years instead of annually. They must realized that a strong United States military, when it is not involving itself in asinine regime changes, is necessary for peace in the world. And, perhaps most importantly of all, they must realize that you cannot distribute wealth, at least not to the extent that Bernie Sanders wishes, without successfully destroying the incentive to create wealth.

In short: take an economics class and buff up on your world history.

Caitlin Johnson

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