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The man is an absolute imbecile. That being said, claiming that most crime in major cities in the nation is committed by blacks and Hispanics does not qualify him as being a racist. One might even add that this solely is the only factual statement he’s ever made — facts and reason being concepts that is far lost on him. Digging our heads in the sand and claiming that this statement is not true has proven to be counterproductive. Crime rates among these two groups of people is disproportionally high, and absolutely nothing is being done about cleaning up the streets of inner cities all in the name of being politically correct. Perhaps if Democrats actually policed these streets instead of race-baiting for the African American vote, then maybe little Trayvon wouldn’t have to worry about being collateral damage when Michael and Korryn take to the streets and drive-by Freddie’s house in the middle of the night. The law-abiding, loving and peaceful men and women of color deserve to be able to walk down the streets in their own neighborhoods without fear of altercation.