“ (Never mind that the current head of the British government is a woman.)”
Rachel Mercer

. Your attempts to bring forth this absurd notion of the existence of a non-existing patriarchy speaks volumes of how women like you have forever tainted feminism. I know the example of which you speak, and I do not believe — nor would any reasonable and intellectually honest person would — that the junior Senator from California was interrupted for any reason but to prevent her from rambling on endlessly in her incoherent attempt at verbal gymnastics without allowing Seassions (a man, coincidently) to answer the question in which she herself had asked. I am tempted to break to you a truth you are apparently unfamiliar with: rudeness and unprofessionalism are, to put it in terms you would certainly understand, a “gender fluid” concept which can attach itself to hosts in either gender (ALL 78… wait, I mean all 2 of them)!

. It fills me with dread and foreboding when I contemplate the future of a people whose cultural landscape keeps shifting towards false ideas of victimhood. Some of the articles referenced in this piece were mindbogglingly stupid; yet some were published by institutions that are, much to my dismay, legitimately popular.

God preserve us from modern day feminism.

Rachel Mercer

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