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Livin it up.

Smexy fashion. Out of the world cuisines. I’m never one to be tempted by those but travel and shiny gadgets? Those are my absolute vice. Frugal-me has to often club my lizard brain into a state of non-spending disorientation.. well, except for travel. I think done properly, embracing new cultures and a first hand experience into the inner-workings of different parts of the world can be immensely rewarding for one’s personal development. Not to mention that it can be incredibly eye-opening for your investing life too.

What about them shiny gadgets?

Computers, laptops, mobile phones.. oh.. especially those mobile phones…

Holy 💩, that’s a lot of stocks.


Let’s get a few things out of the way first.

  1. This blog, for all intent and purpose is not financial advise. At all. Ever. Invest in Bitcoin, invest in your cousin Louie’s back street noodle stall. What you do with your own money is your own prerogative.
  2. I absolutely do not have half-a-mil lying around. I can’t emphasise this enough. I have an average job with average dollar bills. I do enjoy saving money though. This post was meant to exemplify how investing in the market and letting it do it’s thing is one of the best action one can…

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A dollar is not really a dollar.

It’s that inflation shenanigan innit? Yeah not really. It’s something worse. Something almost everyone unequivocally hate to pay yet is privileged to pay. 💰 Taxes 💰. When you buy something, what you’re really doing is purchasing it with after tax dollars. For example, the base model iPhone 11 costs AUD$1,199.

How much do you think you would have had to earn to buy the iPhone? AUD$1,199? Not quite. Let’s say your tax rate is 30%, you would’ve had to earn AUD$1,712.86 in pre-tax dollars, let the government take its piece of the pie (AUD$513.86) before you take home AUD$1,199. 😱…

If you’re working in some form or rather, you are kinda like a boss. I mean, not in a “You’re the boss of your lifeeee, man!” kinda way. Confused? 🤔 Let’s talk more.

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Money matters, matters.

Imagine if you will, that every dollar you have is a worker. Most of the time, you will find it idling by in it’s cage by its caretaker, the bank. For those of you into hiding stashes of cash underneath your bed, please stop doing that. It’s 2020. Buy some Bitcoin instead. Just kidding. Don’t buy Bitcoin.

The bank, being it’s loving caretaker, provides your dollars with…

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Oo. Someone’s feisty 🔥. I know. Those are some fighting words right there. If you own a large home, this might be uncomfortable reading but if you really love every square inch of that mansion of yours, props to you. If you are considering a large home, I hope this post will help you think twice about that purchase.

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😧 Isn’t this blog about personal finance and financial independence? Sure is 同志 (comrade). Yet I beseech you to not read books on financial independence? Damn straight. Perhaps I should explain a bit further. If you enjoy reading books about financial independence, sure, go right ahead. So do I.

If you are time poor or do not enjoy reading about financial independence, the majority of books out there can be easily distilled to 3 simple steps.

Guess what? I’m about to show you how.

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Thanks for visiting fidilaa. Introductions are always strange, moreso when it’s online. I suppose I will talk a “little” about my background. I am Malaysian born and have resided in my adoptive home of Australia since 2001. Growing up, I have always wanted to be a rock star; starting my own band, creating songs that thousands will sing to, and touring the world. Needless to say, fame and fortune eluded me. It’s totally not because of my talents or lack thereof. So I did what many people commended as the sensible thing to do: get an education.

Jealousy is a scary thing.

You know Siri right? Like it or not, Siri ignited a craze in consumer friendly personal assistants back in 2011. She started off being able to only answer a specific field of questions. She still does. But you could ask them any way you want without having to worry about syntax or commands.

Fast forward to 2016 and we’re now looking at artificial intelligent bots like Google Assistant. What a time to be alive right? It feels incredibly magical until an assumedly simple request falls flat on its face. …

Vrrrrrbloop. Vrrrrrrbloop. Vrrrrrbloop.”. I’m gently awakened by the soft waves emitted from my Apple Phone. I put on my dress shirt and a pair of comfortable slacks. It’s 2040 and some things never change. I dawdled along with my usual morning routine and stepped outside my front porch. Some of you reading this in the year 2016 will call it a balcony of sorts. Overpopulation is a thing and no one has one of those “house” things anymore. There’s more that I would like to share but your internet kinda sucks so maybe some time next time. In the future?

“My friend, the artificial intelligent bot.”

I came across this article on The Verge last night. When Eugenia’s friend, Roman died, she decided to create a digital memorial for him in the form of an artificial intelligent bot. It’s thought provoking and rattles a few emotional cages. I’m not quite sure where to begin but I’m definitely excited for what the future holds for this field.

I believe that Eugenia and her team’s project will have a profound impact on the artificial intelligent scene going forward. Maybe not technologically but conceptually, what artificial intelligent bots are capable of. Human beings are incredibly nostalgic social creatures and…


Analyst by profession. Financial independence, tech, and startup enthusiast. A better person after eggs & coffee. Thanks for dropping by.

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