VR Webcams — what all the fuss

VR Cam Sites — They are on the rise

A friend of mine introduced me to this new concept of watching porn — in 3D. At first, I did not believe him but when he forced, I thought, why not give it a shot? You may think I am faking it but I literally wet my pants because the experience was so smooth. It felt so real that I could not think of anything else other than pulling her towards me, spreading her legs and thrusting my dick up her vagina, so deep, she would faint. This was the most real the porn could get, or at least it is the closer the porn can get to reality.

I came back to my place and without a second thought, ordered a pair of VR glasses for myself as well. I now knew that I was going to have fun and I quickly started imagining how my forever alone kind of nights are now going to be full of fun and amazement. While my VR was being packed and shipped, I decided to search for the content. Now, I did not know that to have an experience as rich as what my friend had shared with me, I needed to have the right content too. Thanks to the little knowledge of the internet and technology that I have, I was now clueless on how to find the best content for my VR.

However, I knew two things — first, I wanted to see girls and second, I wanted to see them in my VR. So, like any other technology naïve guy, I logged onto my computer and started putting all sort of stupid search terms in the search engines — 3D boobs, watch 3D porn, realistic porn sites; until I typed VR Cam Sites. Although other searches too popped some interesting results but what I really wanted was to see cam girls shaking their booty, pressing their boobs, playing with their pussies and doing all the dirty things. I finally knew what I wanted and I was now waiting for my VR.

A couple of days later, my VR arrived and I was all set to rock my chair. I took some tissues and some lube and there I was typing VR Cam Sites in Google search, ready with my VR. I started browsing all the websites one by one, girl by girl. I saw what I have been waiting to see, all the girls up and close. I saw long hair, big boobs, pink nipples, round asses, toned asses, beautiful legs, amazing lips, magical eyes, pink pussies, and the best — girls fingering themselves wildly. It was almost like the beautiful girls on the website were going to squirt everything on your face. I wish it could happen in real. I wanted to fuck the pussies, give them head, finger them, press their boobs and kiss them hard, but, sadly, I only could watch them cum.

I reached climax after a long time that day and by the time my VR died out of battery, I had browsed through several chat rooms of several beautiful ladies across many VR cam sites. I am happy that some people are thinking about revolutionizing porn, and honestly, they are doing