Why You Should Replace Your Old Garage Door Opener? Top 4 Reasons

Garage door openers are very straightforward machineries that happen to last a long time. Even though your garage door is working all right after long years of use, there’re great reasons to consider substituting it. Newer models provide enhanced safety and convenience.

Below I’ve shortlisted a few essential reasons why you should consider installing a new garage door opener

Safety Reversal:

Since 1993 overhead door openers have been needed to be furnished with a safety reversing mechanism. This feature employs 2 sensors about 6’’ on top of floor level on the both sides of the door. When any object, for example, a pet or child, runs through the light rays produced by these sensors when the door is shutting down, the door instantly stops.

If your overhead door opener doesn’t boast a safety reversing feature, substituting the openers highly suggested.

Noise Control:

Does your overhead door opener disrupt other people since its makes excessive noise. Traditional overhead door opener open & close through a chain drive. You will get to see something that resembles a bicycle chain close to the motor of your opener, consider substituting it with a belt drive or screw drive garage door opener. You can consider installing a newer model chain drive that is most likely to be quieter compared to the older model.


Traditional overhead door openers were susceptible to burglars. Since their remote control run with a preset code, somebody with a special tool could sit outside your home and get the code, enabling them to open your garage door.

Newer versions of overhead door openers boast a “rolling code” feature, which alters the code every time the system is employed. Wicked people can no longer replicate the code and enter your garage without your notice.

Battery Backup:

One major drawback with your conventional garage door opener is that they depend totally on electricity. Therefore, if you frequently experience a power cut in your area, your garage door become totally nonfunctional.

However, the modern garage door openers are now accessible with a battery power system which will start mechanically whenever there is a power cut.

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