Thoughts About Self-Confidence
Tom Stocky

Tom, I am following bread crumbs this morning, ones that lead all the way back to 1996 when you were a student at Collegiate and I was (and still am) librarian and adviser to The Flame. A link in my inbox prompted me to head over to Medium and read “Creative Confidence” by Julie Zhuo. There she wrote, “Tom Stocky’s article, one of my favorites says it better than I ever could: growing in self-confidence is really about growing in two skills: self-awareness and growth mindset.” You know what I did next: check to see if this was the Tom Stocky I remembered from all those years ago, and I believe it is. I agree with Julie Zhuo that the article is now a favorite of mine. I’d love to hear all about what you’re doing now and catch up after so much time. Sending best wishes and hello from across the years.

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