Advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Technology

Mannu Kumar
Jul 23, 2018 · 2 min read

We are in the 21st century era where things are not just moving, rather running. Every new day, there is something new invented or launched in market with the development in science and technology. We have gone far from the old traditional ways of connecting to people. We are now groomed well and scientifically trained. We use gadgets, which are convenient to use. Mobile phones have made our lives easy. Mobile Technology has made it possible.

What is mobile technology?

As the name is signifying, mobile technology is that technology which is movable or portable. It includes all those technical gadgets and modern devices which are handy to carry. They are convenient to use. Moreover, they make work easy. You can use them for your multiple tasks. Laptops, mobiles, computers, tablets, and smart phones (android IOS phones) are few examples that I can cite in the category of Mobile technology.

For instance, texting messaging, web browsing, being socially connected to people, video gaming system, Bluetooth, GPS navigation system, and much more. Mobile technology and mobile repairing is spreading like a fragrance which attracts handful of people easily. Development in mobile technology has made the mobile repairing prominent.

Let us now know the details of mobile technology and why are they in so much demand?


· It helps in communicating with people around. In case, you are working, mobile technology has made this possible. It has brought people together. You can easily go online with your mobile devices and reach across different countries of the world.

· It doesnot matter what device you work with, it is meant to lower down your stress level. it is made to make your work easy. It helps you become more productive and efficient.

· What this technology can do, is a vast concept. Mobile technology is growing rapidly. You have ample sources of earning good with means of mobile repairing. work on your efficiency level and be a mobile repairing engineer


· Use of internet makes it dangerous for you to secure your phones form viruses. On internet, you need to check the privacy issues. It is important to maintain privacy while using internet.

· Using a mobile phone, always make you connected and available to people. It sometimes, becomes a headache because you are answerable every time. At times, you want to be peaceful and need space. But this device doesnot let you feel so.

· Accidents are caused daily due to the distractions caused because of mobile devices. Mobile repairing is getting in trend but these disadvantages of mobile devices make them a lost spring.

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