Looking for A Cool Marketing Tool? Consider These Effective Tips for Brochure Designs Chicago

There are many companies that offer amazing brochure designs Chicago. But before you even approach a designer to do your brochure, it is important to know what you will need to make this promotional item stand out and achieve its purpose. We will take a look at some important factors to consider when designing brochures.

Ensure the content is easy to read

An effective brochure design will appeal to people if it is easy to read. You should be able to bring out your ideas without taking too much space or making the design look cluttered. Don’t include too many elements and graphics on the page and make sure you leave some whitespace. Use bullets and small paragraphs to structure content and draw attention to the most important areas. A good color scheme will also ensure that your design is effective and memorable.

Understand your audience

Different brochure designs appeal to varying audiences. You need to know who you are designing for in order to come up with a brochure that works. For instance, if you are designing for a much younger audience then make use of nice graphics, bold colors and other cool visual elements. Just avoid overdoing it especially with the graphics.

Take note of power words

There are certain words that you can use to grab the attention of your readers. These power words are considered important because they help consumers tomake buying decisions quickly. Good examples are words like “new”, “proven”, “save” and “free”. You will need to highlight these words and phrases to make sure they don’t go unnoticed on the brochure.

Highlight key features

The features of the product or service you want to promote should be clearly highlighted for people to see. People don’t have time to read the entire document in order to understand the value propositions. You can have them in bullet points and in a different color to view for people’s attention. Look for quality brochure printers Chicago that can be used to come up with quality graphics and text.

Direct the customer on what you want them to do

Call to actions are important because they tell the customer what they need to do in order to benefit from your product or service. Having your phone number or email address at the end of the brochure is just not enough. Tell the customer to contact you immediately and give the number they can use to get help. Don’t just assume they will do it without being told.

Give the message some form of urgency

You need to give the customers a reason to look for the product or service now. It could be a discount or giveaway that you are offering for a short period of time. This creates a form of urgency that customers usually respond to better. For instance, if you tell the customer that the discounted products are limited, they are more likely to rush and make a purchase.

Put multiple contact details on the brochure

The brochure should make it as easy as possible for your customers to get back to you. You can have your phone number, email address, website address, twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms where customers can reach you.

Offer a money-back guarantee

This usually works because people want to know that they are not taking a huge risk by purchasing your product or service. A money-back guarantee ensures that your customers can trust your business to deliver quality. This is particularly important if you are offering a relatively new product or service that most people are not familiar with.

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