Different Perspectives
Elizabeth Linden

As a provider that works with people with substance use disorder every day the perspective of the NP was very familiar to me. It can be extremely frustrating work. I am lied to every day, I am told that I am stupid, uncaring, unfeeling, and incompetent everyday by the people that I am trying to help. Every single client that I see I must do a fine balancing act; be a caring and compassionate caregiver and guard myself against callousness.

It was important for me to hear from the NP. Peer support is difficult to find and I often feel as if I am the only one that is frustrated with my patients. It was good to be reminded that others want to be good caregivers and gets frustrated with our jobs.

The viewpoint of the NP caring for clients with SUD was a familiar one for me. As Liz put so eloquently we need to work hard to support the life our patients deserve to be leading.

I think it was good to hear from a family member. We do not get the opportunity often. Being able to see the damage and heartache this awful disease brings into the lives of their families helps me to be more compassionate.