This only the start and intro of the story, some of the photos I want to add and change.
Ruby Srigley

Your Name:________Ahmad_____________________

Videographer’s Name:___________Ruby__________________________

Point: What is the “point” of this digital story? Try to capture it in one phrase or one sentence if you can.

(point of view is “defining the specific realization” the videographer is attempting to share in this digital story)

The point of this digital story is your experience at the U of M.

Dramatic Question: Is there a dramatic question? If so, what is it?

(dramatic questions create a tension that keeps people’s attention throughout a story)

The dramatic question is I think your perspective of the U of M before you came here and then noticed it was different.

Emotion: Were you, the viewer, emotionally engaged? When? How did that moment(s) make you feel?

Yes, because I was very interested about learning about your life story. The most engaging part was when you gave statistics about race at the U of M.

Voice: What were your impressions of the videographer’s voice? (consider rhythm, pacing, tone, etc.)

I liked the way it was set up with the music, wish I knew how to do that.

Soundtrack: Describe the soundtrack. Was it appropriate for the story? Do you have other recommendations?

Yes, it sounded like uplifting music.

Economy: Describe the images that you saw. Was anything missing? Does anything need to be added (consider the assignment guidelines here as well)?

It was pictures of family and friends and I think it was the perfect balance.

Pacing: Describe the pacing of the story; does it work in this instance? Do you think some sections need to breathe?

I think you well spaced your speaking and your music.

Additional comments:

Overall I really like how this was produced.

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