Fire mix tape

Audio equipment and applications are expanding in this world. audacity is an application that allows amateur and mature rappers or singers or even bloggers to record audio and mix between the lyrics and the audio.

editing wise its easy to get the hang of it at the beginning plus there is a guide that teaches how to share export and import a track or a recording.

long tutorial aboutaudacity:

The overall purpose was to introduce basic aseptic skills of microbiological techniques carried in the field of microbiology on various microorganisms in sterile environments. Aseptic techniques are techniques carried out to minimize the possibility of contamination during the work and transfer of microorganismal cultures, and to prevent the contamination of colonies from foreign bacterial invaders into the medium. (Gilbride and Victoria Waltz, 2016). Aseptic techniques are used for a variety of procedures such as transferring bacterial colonies from one medium to another.

Learning objectives gained from this lab experiment demonstrated the ubiquity of microorganisms and how they are found everywhere around us. Thus, an airborne microorganisms experiment took place to enhance the idea that microbes are found everywhere — on unsterilized glassware, lab equipment, and bench surfaces. As well, a swab method was carried out to demonstrate the presence of microorganisms on contaminated, unsterilized areas in the lab room and everywhere around us. Aseptic techniques can illuminate and minimize the contamination of manipulated microbial colonies, therefore, aseptic vs. non-aseptic techniques were carried out in this particular lab experiment to differentiate the work of contaminated colony vs. sterilized single colony. Three different types of culture media were used in this lab; semi-solid — agar based, usually used to determine bacterial motility and anaerobic growth, solid media — agar based, allows to examine surface growth of microorganisms and observe colonies, and broth ( liquid ) media –no agar based media, useful for fermentation and propagation of large numbers of microorganisms.