Policy discussion: Twinning with the Islamic University of Gaza
Anna Berestova

This policy was initially set as a direct twinning between the University of Sheffield and the Islamic University of Gaza, however in the past 2 years students who successfully finished their first degrees from any university in Gaza, not just the Islamic University of Gaza can apply for the Scholarship.

The only suitable amendment to this policy I believe would be changing the name from (Twinning with the Islamic University of Gaza) into something like (Annual Scholarship of Excellence for Palestinian Students in Gaza).

SU officers should clearly check back with former officers in case of any doubt to make sure they understand the nature and the exact details of such policies.

Linking an institute with anti-semitism without evidence is a serious accusation, especially when it is made public to students to vote for.

Therefore, the only amendment to be made to this policy is to change the name of the policy to ensure that any Palestinian student in Gaza who completed their undergraduate studies can apply for this scholarship regardless of what university in Gaza they graduated from. The context of anti-semitism in the scholarship is unproven and is completely irrelevant.

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