Management, in daily application and dont forget about value

According to Henry Fayol, he defined that management is a process of Planning, Organizing, Commanding, Cordinating, and Controlling. Many concepts of the process of management there are, POAC (Planning, Organizing, Actuating, Controlling), or PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) etc. But, in college, generally using the POAC concept and its not deminishing the essences of management.

Management, on certain conditions, can describe as art. It means that management is art to achieve some goals by cordinating people in that way. So we can call as art of cordinating.

After we get some meanings of management, we have to know what the essences of management. The essence of management is to help people by it process to get full of effectiveness and efficiency. effectiveness is achieved goal in accordance with the planned time, and efficiency is achieved goal with limited sources. Easily in concept, effectiveness is doing the right things and efficiency is doing the things right.

Management is just about that two measurements. How the maximum results achieved by minimum resources. Maximum results showing the effectiveness and minimum resources showing the efficiency.

In daily application, managament can applied until small pieces of life. You can use those process to get best result of your daily goals, effectiveness and efficiency. But, generally, people sacrifice the interests of others to get effectiveness and efficiency, and forget the value. Whats the value? In business, value is benefit per cost. Benefit you can give divide the cost you must be paid. Value is the all of the concept.

Why value become forgotable? Because the people are hasting to get benefit and forget how big benefit given by its people. Even tough, when you give benefit to other people, it same you plant the profit in that people, indirectly.

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