Is everyone will become a profit from Facebook through videos and live broadcasts?

Facebook Inc. is among the largest companies that pass through history at the moment and it breaker to figures from the extraordinary and unprecedented to other companies in the same field that had reached, Facebook with a number up to 1.8 Billion user (Sincerely, when I read this number,I can not imagine the value of profits earned by the company) has recently announced its work on adding ads inside videos, as well as the live broadcast. Is this will be in favor of Facebook? You will compete with YouTube? A series of questions raised and remain many question marks on this subject.

It seems that Facebook knows how to conduct its affairs, so that it sees that this is the right time in order to compete with YouTube, and add a property to achieve income, and adding ads on videos after serving previously Facebook Ads that currently accrue with billions of dollars, Facebook is now working to add a property well placing ads within the videos, as well as the live broadcast, a Facebook user after few months will become a creator, and videos will become his income so that ads will appear amid its own videos or live broadcasts and whenever number of views is bigger whenever the user gets more money.

Until now we do not know where the ads will be placed exactly, how would be the quality of videos and even payment methods, how much would be the price of the click, Is it going to be different from Google Ads? All of these things are now unknown, but I think that Facebook will be heavily influenced by the YouTube especially as it has building an audience base and many world-class difference users will only remain if the payment was better than YouTube, everyone will leave the YouTube and will move on to publish their content on their pages on Facebook..

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