Cleantech entrepreneuship: entrepreneurship that matters

“I wan’t to build the next big thing”, everything starts with this exciting sentence. The problem is: what is the next big thing.

If we take a look on the entrepreneurs nowadays, we’ll find that they’re all willing to follow some icons such us Zuckerberg, Jobs or Larry. These icons built their unicorns on some apps or platforms, some innovative algorithms that make our life easier. These successes, and the way they dominated our lives, led many “just starting” entrepreneurs to solve problems related to human communication or access to knowledge and informations.

The majority of entrepreneurs nowadays are claiming they’re making our world a better place, by putting on the appstore a certain app that solves a certain problem. The result is around around 1.7 million apps. The question is: are these apps making our world a better place?

Let’s face it, the real problems aren’t related to the way we share our daily moments or connect with new friends. The real problems are related to how we could live on earth for the next years, knowing that our consumerism led us to a highly consumed planet and lot of ecological issues. These are serious problems that we must think of to stay alive,

The real icon for me is Elon Musk with his Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX. The ventures he led were oriented to -truly- improving our lives. With SolarCity, you can have clean energy from solar panels planted on you roof. With Tesla, you can have an electric car as good as a normal car, and with no impact on the environment. With SpaceX you can have rockets with lower fuel consumption that can land back on earth (yes they did it).

These cleantech ventures are making huge impact on the way we live on earth. They let us follow the same development pace, with less ecological footprint. I think that in the next years, we’ll see more Elon Musks solving more ecological issues, as they’re increasingly threatening life on earth.

The difference that Elon’s made is not just in the way we must think business, it’s also inn the way we must think responsibility. Ecological issues aren’t issues that must be solved by high politicians and policy makers in the world. Everyone must give his contribution, and entrepreneurs can give a huge one. Non-profits are contributing to solving these issues, but in another way. Entrepreneurs can make huge contributions as their products affect daily behaviors of many. The Tesla cars are contributing to lowering CO2 emissions in an increasingly fast paced way, as more and more people are adopting these cars. And entrepreneurs must think of habits changing ventures that can give huge contribution to the world.

The next big thing, as I see it, is a venture that makes huge impact on our world, and solves real problems that could lead us or our next generation to extinction. Let’s keep this in mind for our next venture (or first venture), and make “truly” our world a better place.