How Open Source Streaming technologies can help improve supply chain during Covid-19

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Technology is helping the world survive through the sanitary, economical and societal crisis that the Covid19 virus has caused. AI helps scientists understand the virus to find a cure/vaccine. Mobile apps keep families and friends connected from afar. IoT is used to manage the virus spread through Bluetooth peer-to-peer interactions. More examples of how technology is helping are laid out in many blog posts. In this blog post, I focus on how Streaming technology can help supply chains during the crisis.

How is Supply Chain challenged?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Below is a picture I took in a Parisian store just few days before announcing the lock-down. Scary, right? Under anxiety, people started stocking up food although the CPG industry had announced there would be no shortages. This behavior created temporary shortages which scared people and hindered their trust in the official information. They started stocking up themselves, making the situation worse. …


Abdelkrim Hadjidj

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