The Day I Wrote America Off
umair haque

American decline is very real, partially self-inflicted and partially the changing gravity of global economics. Asia and the middle east has tremendous potential and the talented youth are starting to take over. Meanwhile, in America, the #1 cause of death for pregnant women is homicide; the leading cause of death for middle-aged white women is alcohol abuse; and just this week for the first time ever drugged-driving fatalities surpassed drunk-driving fatalities. When the typical white trash janitor or data entry person at a hospital sees someone named Muhammad getting a tour of his new hospital job, they say something stupid like “You took my job.” They fail to understand that Muhammad is a surgeon and they were never competing with him for that job. Muhammad’s family invested in him and his education, didn’t waste money on alcoholism and intoxicants, while Americans are drinking and drugging to death, literally investing in death. Then these same idiots think that by deporting Mexicans and banning Muslims it will make America great again. Americans need to quit getting drunk and quit smoking weed and wake up to the fact that we are no longer competitive.

That being said, I have hope that America will barf, sober up, get to class with a headache but recover and graduate. Attorneys here are sleeping at airports to be available for detained travelers, and most youth are tolerant, non racist, and thirsty for knowledge. I had planned to relocate to London during America’s hangover, but Britian is flirting with the same had behavior.