I am sorry if now I’m probably a little distracted from the topic. I just feel that I want, no I must write about it. Can I start from my school time? What type of schoolgirl I was? Stranger question, isn’t it? I always tried be at the first place, even in the list. I never missed lessons, studied perfectly, always try to get only five and tried to participate in different competitions. Shortly, I focused on it and did not notice some wonderful things. But, then I asked yourself, it is all I want? It is of course good, to have a different competitions and Olympiads. Because, you will have an experience and bla bla bla. But what is the meaning of this? I do not know. Maybe I just startet to grow and finally did understand that this is not the most important. The most important thing is being human. To be surrounded by family, friends and relatives. To be healthy. Live to the fullest. Do whatever you want. Have fun. Travel. Help. Surprise. Feel. Stay yourself. Do not listen to other people’s opinion. Study. But, study for yourself, not for mark. Be smart and good learning are two different things! #tobecontinued

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