Letter to Anthony Bunch

Dear Anthony,

A letter I wrote after the positivism you left with me.

The concept of racialization in America is very interesting, now I cant help that this society failed you in all capacity, you were deprived at the very first stage of coming to fruition that of birth. You have gotten to know the dirtiest things about America, underdevelopment, corners, and criminalization in places abound with crack. In all these circumstances you had your head high up because god made you a positive humanbeing. But there is a disease in our neighberhood it is a disease that has usurped our culture, evinced our humanity, and doggedly deranged our minds. It is not ghetto it is not materialism but a compounding effect of human nature. You see we were distanced as we were bought here as slaves in what we defined as a white man’s world. We looked forward in cries of we shall overcome when we should have strengthened and hardened to this reality that there is a confounding factor in human nature. This is not white this is not black but it is a reality that our brothers are soft. Now you realized family as a blessing without substantively evaluating this disease, that brings racialization, underdevelopment, and a dehumanized state as we glorify money, and build materialistic framework that is outside of our natures. There is an awareness of money as a means in this world. Money was not created to provide simple amenities of food, shelter, and health but to motivate you to be better citizens and cultivate a way forward out of misery through the creation of opportunity in a unified consensus that human beings like to be rewarded for services but today what we lack is global understanding that what creates happiness is purpose and direction that lies with faith. Not to mention a disconnect from the fabric that is the human. Labor and profit motives rule the landscape without integrity, caring, and cooperation. All governments are communist but some have understanding of community, human nature, civilization, and the limits of reason. While your founders set a landscape and framework that is humanity driven its cultivators chose racial definition, lack of adherence to human rights, wealth accumulation, and enslavement and bondage of a people that never offended them, a cruel war against human nature itself, violating it’s most sacred rights of life & liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended this nation, captivating & carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, and incurring miserable death in their transportation. A piratical warfare, the opprobrium of infidel powers, is the warfare of the European that was determined to keep open a markets where MEN should be bought & sold. They continued lack of includance through criminilization and poverty outcome creation in a neglect of the potential of the citizen. And so came fights for civility, decency, in an utter belief in the American that we can change. That dreams were enough to assure this nation on a path, a direction towards change. This president has continued this legacy through integrity, uprightness, his achievement, his humanity, his reasoning fidelity, and a nation assured of a chosen leader by blacks, whites, hispanics, and Asians. The citizen is however is fatigued and still deluded by racialization, societal underdevelopment, economic crisis, lack of healthcare, lack of a home.

We must ask is what we can do in these circumstances of downtrodden lady liberty in a government that is divided, with defrayed dreams and dissipated hopes. The politician is ever mired in a conceptualization outside the mandate of government. Disagreements are abound where high competency is neglected for political reasons. Rigidity is afixed in the system and ritualization of routine is the role in congress. Sensibly I am here to tell you that you are not republican or democrats but that you are United. Gentlemen gestures and upper level solidity is integral for the survival of the system. What is of paramount importance is tapping into the human spirit that moves us forward from wars, famine, and destruction. The persistent global concerns that face civilization such as global chaos, environmental disintegration, and the waning of human progress have solutions. nations goals embodies these solutions. human progress has waned despite record advancements in life style and increases in life span. There is a good chance our world could end based on nuclear weaponry technology. governments are in ruins, some viscerally others outside the conception of the inherent and only real need. There is a cold reality, an insistence that there is scant resources and that above all things the valuation of the human is inappropriate for species survival. some are willfully savage, that is they have an understanding of their needs on a grand formula of power and resource motives. others are simply savage to there own population in a grand formula of creating order where there is enmity, hatred, and extreme divisiveness and inordinate ambitions for political power based on lack of desimenation from the top on what is the only point for governing. where there is government there is a trajectory a path, a direction of derealization, a conception of politics, a discourse that is incongruent with the mandate for leadership. so in quagmire these governments have institutions and scattered development but there is overall disharmony that trickles to every sphere in society. knowledge its self isn’t streamlined, scientific advancement is not coordinated efficiently towards finding. what we see as science is not half the truth but theories, the people who have the tools are focused on creating harmony that is distant for substantive reasons. there is an overall conception that is a sociology of hatred basked in an evil that is the true face of satan but this is far from the human.

This nation was not found on freedoms, nor is it exceptional because of a creed of equality and soundness of the human being in the eyes of god, these are blessings from your lord. But to fight for posterity, for human values, human rights, human mores is what this nation has fought for. The patriots did not fight to end tyranny for simply a right to self determination but to build a glorious nation that seeked human reaches, an enterprise not simply of wealth but one that models success for generations to come. But even more we have declared in what is our statement of independence a creed of possibilities, truly the governing principles of our government and the limits of prudence. These limits inherently are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This government does not shudder back on its values because of fear, or succumb to prejudice and discrimination in an attribution to human nature. It is not intended to but there have been times of division and great leadership often dictated this very promise that Thomas Jefferson outlines. a nation that severed and fought to keep these values at times. But the beauty in all this is that we don’t rely on government to keep these values. When martin luther king in a letter to government outlined the principles the nation ought to embody he was simply prompting an enduring government to not yield. his dream, his sacrifice, his patriotism will forever live gloriously in our minds. He fought for these values, these human values, human rights, and human mores. In the tenure of obamas presidency he has asked our future president a simple question of why do you want to become the next president. Many of you are privy to knowledge of Washington to know that we disagree about fundamental matters of direction. You have heard the sensational rhetoric of fractured government, dissipated hopes, defrayed dreams, and a downtrodden lady liberty. There is talk of new century and a dwindling middle class that tax cuts rarely supplant. myopic viewpoints and distortions and devaluations of what is the the american promise, a life dictated around common value centered on a simple idea, that we can achieve great things if we believe that we have a stake in each other, that we are one above all other creational differences and mythical racial lines, that our government solidifies this in every way. To reinforce obamas question i must ask if you can muster the consensus, the understanding, and the utter completeness to know what moves us to heights. the founders knew and so did martin, do you?