Pull Request One

My last post Open Source Projects i chose 3 web development tools to help me get involved in the Open Source community.

However, for my first out of four pull requests i decided to start small. Through my research i come a cross a project that helps individuals get familiar with open source.

The purpose of this project is to help contributors to practice their HTML and CSS skill. For me, i chose it because it helps me practice git commands and get familiar with GitHub as i’m still new.

I was giving an image (which u can find it below) and to try and match it.

Steps i took to get it done:

  1. First thing i did was fork the project.
  2. Then clone it to my local machine.
  3. Created a branch called issue-11.

Once i had it set up in my local machine. I went into JS Issue — (Contributors’ pull request) folder and created Abdi-Icon Bar folder. Inside that folder i created HTML file, an image, and css file.

Once i was done i git push origin issue-11 and pushed it to my forked version. I then made a pull request.




Pull request: