Pull Request Three

Continues from blog Open Source Project , Pull Request One and Pull Request Two.

For my third pull request i continued working on OpenStreetMap project (which i talked about in Pull Request Two). The goal of this project is to maintain a canonical list of commonly used names for suggesting consistent spelling and tagging of features in OpenStreetMap.

I found different issue. where i do research on Foodland. Foodland is is a Canadian chain of grocery stores founded in 1985.

Steps i took to get it done:

  1. Found an issue
  2. Forked the project.
  3. Clone it to my local machine.
  4. Created a branch called issue-1684.

Since this is an actual brand, i went straight tobrand/shop/supermarket/supermarket.json and added brand:wikidata and brand:wikipedia under Foodland tag.



Pull request: