Pull Request Two

Continues from blog Open Source Project and Pull Request One.

Previously, in Open Source Project i chose 3 web development tools (React-native, React, and Angular) to contribute to Open Source community. I did my first Pull Request One with HTML and CSS.

For my second pull request i worked on OpenStreetMap project. The goal of this project is to maintain a canonical list of commonly used names for suggesting consistent spelling and tagging of features in OpenStreetMap.

How it’s used

When features are created in OpenStreetMap, the names and tags are always not consistent. For example, we may prefer McDonald's tagged as amenity=fast_food but we see many examples of other spellings (Mc Donald's, McDonalds, McDonald’s) and taggings (amenity=restaurant).

Building a canonical name index allows two very useful things:

  • We can suggest the most “correct” way to tag things as users create them while editing.
  • We can scan the OSM data for “incorrect” features and produce lists for review and cleanup.

Your essentially researching brands and giving a tag.

Steps i took to get it done:

  1. Found an issue
  2. Forked the project.
  3. Clone it to my local machine.
  4. Created a branch called issue-1614.

Once i got it set up. I opened it in Visual Studio. when in to name-suggestion-index. I run npm install.

I followed instrution in the issue. I went in to brand/shop/shoes/shoes.json. I had to find Journey tag. I then added “brand:wikidata”: “Q7079121” and “brand:wikipedia”: “en:Office Holdings”. I then run npm run buil to make sure there are no errors. I finally, git push issue-1614 to my forked repo.



Pull request: