Release 0.3

abdi guled
Mar 31 · 2 min read

Previously, i discussed in lab 8 that i was going to work on issue-79 in project wired-elements. However, it took way too long to set up the project and there were not enough instructions to follow. I continued my research and come a cross TeacherFund project.

TeacherFund is a charity to support teachers in a way that encourages great teachers to stay, and potentially great teachers to choose teaching as a career path. This includes providing supplemental funds and supplies to school teachers in need.

I skimmed through the issues and landed on issue-39. Issue-39 simply requests hourglass react component to be displayed. I sent a quick message to the developers through the comment section. Within hours i got a respond and a permission to work on the issue. The developer spesificly wanted me to the created the component in `/components/hourGlass.js`. Below is image of the issue:

Below are the steps i took to get it set up and working:

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Cloned it into my local machine
  3. In the i was instructed to Commit any code changes to a branch (e.g. fix/header or feature/donate-form). I went with feature/donate-form.

I created the new component in `/components/hourGlass.js`. After that i made a refrence call in ` TeacherFund_next/pages/account.js` and added ` <HourGlass/>` under ` <div className=’account — stats’>`. I put the scss file in ` TeacherFund_next/static/styles/partials/_hourglass.scss`. i aslo made a refrence of the scss in the `main.scss`. I tested it with `npm run dev`. when it run smothly i made my pull request.



My github: