Release 0.4

For this release i worked on Brewery and Teacher Fund projects.

Brewery is a react app that allows users to find breweries across the US via the data collected from API opendbbrewery. I come a cross issue-46 which required “Powered By Open Brewery DB” to be moved to the bottom of the page.

Steps i took to complete:

  1. Forked the project.
  2. clone and set up on my local environment.
  3. Created new branch: fixed/Footer on my forked repo.

After installing the dependencies i dove into the project. I found where the code for “Powered By Open Brewery DB” was located. i removed it and place it in Footer.js file in the components folder. Next step was to modify App.css to adjust striker to the bottom.

Teacher Fund is a charity to support teachers in a way that encourages great teachers to stay, and potentially great teachers to choose teaching as a career path. This includes providing supplemental funds and supplies to school teachers in need.

For this project i have previously worked on. As i was working on it i noticed some things where not working properly. At the bottom of the page the footer had some links to redirect user to other parts of the page. However the about page was not working. I investigated on the issue and found out there was a typo on the Link that redirects the user.

I created issue-75 and explained what the issue was about. I then changed the code and test it and pushed it up to be merged.