5 things you as a Lebanese expat can do to support the Tol3et Re7etkom (طلعت ريحتكم) anti-corruption movement

Lebanese expats (and those that support the Lebanese people) around the world, are you watching / reading the news and frustrated that you cannot take part in the protests? Would you like to get involved in supporting the Tol3et Re7etkom — طلعت ريحتكم anti-corruption movement?

If so, there are 5 immediate ‘lightweight’ things that you can do today:

  1. Sign the change.org petition requesting the taking down of Lebanese government. Follow this link.
  2. Contribute a fund to the Tol3et Re7etkom — طلعت ريحتك campaign on Indiegogo. Even as little as €5 (the price of a falafel sandwich in Amsterdam). Follow this link.
  3. Support the movement by liking their FB page (link here), and to stay up to date on latest developments.
  4. Retweet / repost (whenever possible) first-hand reports on the current situation in Lebanon, if only to stress the importance of this issue, and additionally raise international awareness. A good place to start is to follow and repost updates by Joey Ayoub (@joeyayoub), one of the organizers of the movement.
  5. Show up to a peaceful protest if one is being organized in the city you live in (e.g., Paris). (Note: I’m aware this may not be lightweight for everybody, but very worth mentioning here).

If you have concrete, realistic ideas about what Lebanese expats (who agree with the cause) should additionally be doing that I haven’t mentioned above, please share your thoughts.

Stay peaceful and importantly, hopeful.

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