Personnel Issues.

I have a colleague that exasperates me; Shows up on time (Like extremely Punctual), Serviceable, Loyal, hardworking, stoic, can be detail oriented and reasonably neat in appearance.

So what’s not to like I hear you say, well, this person (who we should allow to remain nameless) also has terrible communication skills with a terrible command of English language made worse by a stuttering style of delivery (a step above incoherent). Lacks the ability to work unsupervised for even the simplest of tasks thereby sucking up scarce resources to oversee his work, very patchy mastery of area of his core competency, struggling through the most basic of task, all these made a lot worse by his lack of improvement in all areas especially when put against the amount of knowledge, time,effort and intensity of supervision and tutelage invested in him.

So what to do; is it a problem of investing more time and effort trying to decipher what the reason is for this apparent lack of progress or just cut my looses by looking for someone else with the same positives and a lot less of the negatives….?

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