Effort with true heart

Salam Dear all,

hope you are fine and doing good! Today I am going to share my experience to enhance knowledge with good speed. Lets roll the ball with scratch. I was reading a lesson of vocabulary and trying to memorize it. But I got success in doing such with one and half hour. I remembered only twenty words. On another day with different environment and different situation I remembered 40 words. It means 100 percent increase. Now I elaborate the environment. When I learnt twenty words, music was playing in laptop, I was texting and also using facebook. I was also engaged in doing gupshup with my friends. On other day, I was only reading and memorizing in the absence of music, mobile and facebook. There was a little bit conversation with my friends but I got 100 percent more learning speed. In a nutshell, It is clear that when we have to learn more and in a better way, We should focus only One task. If you some suggestion to impr9ve the article, please guide.

Your lovely fellow,

love and regards.:)

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