The story of being humble

If I say that the environment of my home was my mentor, this would not be false. The environment of my home was religious, my used to awake me in the morning to offer Fajar prayer, she was also regular in offering the prayers. I love my mother the most. She was the only support for me to develop a certain attitude, behavior and etiquettes. This is also true after visiting the Lahore, I changed a little bit. My mother was a humble woman, she used to help the others in their difficulty and sometimes on the mistakes of others, and she was silent.

Once upon a time, a boy of my street fought with me, that boy was rude and he was at fault. When my mother came to know about this matter and beat me a lot. I was very angry on this action. She did not like fighting. The boy at the street was laughing at me. I decided to beat that boy on seeing a good opportunity. I was solid in my determination. On night, my mother came to me and taught me, we should not take the revenge. I know you were right because you are my son and can never make such mistakes. To be humble and bending a little bit has saved us from a big battle. You know that those are rich and their training is not solid as yours. You will have to become a great man, being noble, sacrificing and learning is the main beauty of great people. Right now, don’t listen to your heart, see the example of Hazrat Muhammad SAW who was humble while people were throwing stones on Him, an old woman was throwing garbage, an old woman who was leaving the city on listening the entrance of Magician in the Makkah, on the incidence of Shoaib-Abi-Talib.

After listening this little bit words of my mother, I always try to be like the man who was the dream of my mother. I hope that I will be like that good boy. I will not say thank to my mother’s because she knows the beating of my hearts and their meaning.


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