Happiness Boost Our Success:

“Always be happy in your life”.

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it” “Positive thinking attracts the peace and happiness”

First of all every person want to be a happy and also he/she want to be successful in life. I see many people who have money but no happiness, because we cannot buy happiness through money. But, also you can’t happy with negative mind because there are so many people who have money but also negative mind they are not success and they don’t feel happiness. I saw many people in my surrounding and my environment they have money but no happiness and also they are negative mind.

As I quote life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how to react it, so In daily life we made many mistakes in our environment but we also spread kindness, love and we ignore all mistakes we learn patience, kindness and also internal satisfaction, if we have lot of money and we don’t have internal satisfaction we are not happy so that are not useful for us. When we will have internal satisfaction we will happier and we will achieve our goals.

I share my experience through the engage in act of kindness as I said in our environment there are many people they feel jealousy, my some relatives are feel jealousy when see, so my act of kindness is that the, I ignore them and when I met with him give smile and be happy but he show me, we met with you we are happy but he’s not happy. Always be happy in your life and positive thinking attracts peace, and happiness around the environment. It is the right path of achievement and success. So, in my neighbor there are many people to jealous with me because we are seven friends and we are all are studying in universities so, my relatives are jealous with me because I am one of them to study in Sukkur IBA University, when he saw me then he neglect because he never saw me to study in good university but I am happy when I see all and when I meet with him I am very happy and forget all things and show the act of kindness.

My suggestions is that the we will never jealous with anyone and see the act of kindness, because if we show the positive attitude then everyone is good if we jealousy with anyone, our environment and societies are not good so it is right way to boost our productivity of success. So always be happy and think positive

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