Miracle Syncing With Shrib

I always found it hard to copy text from my cell phone to my system or vice versa. I had to email the text myself and then open the email and copy the text.

It was kind of a pain. But you know:

No pain, no gain

No. A gain without pain would definitely be a gain and you would prefer it again and again. How???


Yes.. Shrib

SHRIB can help you gain without any pain.

It is a realtime text presenter that loads upon text entered or modified.

Your note is saved in your browser and the cloud.

The logo tells you where you are:

  • The note is being loaded from the cloud
  • Your latest changes are saving to the cloud
  • Your latest changes are saved succesfully

You open shirb in your mobile browser, write something or just anything. Your personal shrib-url will be created. Open your shrib-url in the system’s browser and..


It’s a gain, with no pain.

Thank for the read.

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