I pissed out to my self

Never feel so disappointed as much as right now to my self. I feel this is just obviously too much and I need to control my self fully.
Right after sometimes I am feeling that my brain doesn’t work anymore. I try to memorize but yeah when I need my fucking brain to be functional, it cramped and suddenly lost somewhere that’s so difficult to reach. maybe this note is going to be a witness that today is really very special bad day. I am start to worry about anything now. Things I planned will be ruined by that. man I am spend so much time to study but why I could not manage to solve the questions… even one questions correctly I dunno.
I wanna explode my self for being such a useless person. useless for my self.. obviously. I think starting from now… my live is entering the phase of serious life. no joke.. no lazy.. no acting like a stupid badass anymore. I promise to my self :(

  • end note-
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