I have moved my blog to Hashnode as I now aim to write more technical articles. I believe Hashnode is more suited to technical writing because unlike Medium, it is tailored to cater specifically to such needs. For software engineers, that is.

I might eventually migrate all of my current articles to Hashnode as well. I don’t know when it will happen though.

Here is the link to the new blog https://the-blog.hashnode.dev/

See you there.

I have finally been able to get around my laziness and write something after so many months. My reason for the long delay is partly because of how busy I have been with work. It’s been over 2 months since I started and I think it is time to look back and reflect on my experiences. It has been a rollercoaster.

The first month on the job was particularly difficult, to say the least. I was overwhelmed by the tasks I had and the number of unfamiliar libraries I had to work with. …

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I landed my first software development job last week. It is a Frontend Web Developer role and it is a contract job. I saw the job posting on LinkedIn about 3 weeks ago and I thought why not apply? Unlike most of the other job postings I’ve seen, the requirements for this role were not too much. They needed someone conversant with mainly Vue.js, Vuetify. At the time, I was only comfortable using Vue.js. I was also trying to learn Unit Testing with Jest but there was a dearth of resources available to aid me.

I had no experience whatsoever…

So I eventually finished building EventsHub this past week and I have hosted it on Netlify. I finished building all of the functionalities a few days earlier but I got stuck when it came to the design of the user interface (UI). I find it far easier to recreate an already existing design than starting one from scratch on my own. That is one weakness that I have to work on. I was able to still jumble together a few things to create the final product. …

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I know we have all been oversaturated with news concerning Covid19 so I'll do my best not to mention it too much. Even though some of the highlights of the past 2 weeks have been because (or in spite) of it.

I applied for Andela's Build for SDG program some weeks ago and last week, the first stage of the program started. We were given a series of challenges to gauge our skill level. The test was divided into two parts. The first is general and compulsory for all. …

Best place to get away from the virus and still get some work done. Image courtesy of intheblack.com

Working remotely has always been a part of my long term goals but it was not something I was expecting any time soon. The threat of Covid 19, however, meant that I've had to start an early test run of how it could be. That was because the management of TIIDELab decided to make the fellowship remote for at least 2 weeks.

To be honest, I was quite skeptical about it at first. I felt it would be a major hindrance to learning because of some of the challenges of learning remotely. The three major ones are inadequate power supply…

Last week was the halfway point of the fellowship and l did a bit of soul searching as to what I have accomplished in that time. There's no doubt that my coding ability has improved immeasurably (zero projects on GitHub before the fellowship began) but there is still a long way to go. My leadership and people skills have also improved but like my coding ability, I still am not totally satisfied with the level of progress I have made. I will have to do better during the second half of the program.

This week was officially (based on the…

Who needs Vanilla JavaScript when you've got Vue.js?

That was the question that kept ringing in my head throughout this past week. Of course, I know the answer to it (everybody, by the way) but the fact that I am even asking that question just goes to show how much I have enjoyed using the framework. It has made coding a whole lot easier and more interesting for me.

Based on our curriculum, we are to learn Vue.js for 3 weeks and this past week is the second. I have learned quite a lot and I am now more comfortable…

"With great power, comes great responsibility."

This is a quote usually attributed to Spiderman’s Uncle Ben and one I’m very familiar with. But then, it was this past week that I finally felt and understood the real meaning behind those words.

Although the Head of House position didn’t come with "great powers” per se, it did come with a lot of responsibilities. And that made this week my most stressful and challenging one. Apart from my Head of House duties, I had a whole lot of other technical work to do and events to attend.

For starters, this was the…

Me (3rd from left) with some of the staff of Techspecialist Consulting after the HOH games.

I am writing this with a big smile etched across my face. Reason being that I am the Head of House (HOH) of the TIIDELab fellowship for the week. Before now, I have gotten to the final stage and lost several times. I am a very, very competitive person so all those previous (especially the close ones) losses were gut-wrenching; ergo, winning it this time was hugely satisfying.

The first stage was a team game and my team (team Yoruba) won. We presented a short drama showcasing a major problem suffered by our ethnic group and proposing how to use…

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