A letter to My Future Wife

So I just finished speaking with my mother over the phone and she calls me back saying she thinks something is wrong with me. Well, I am fine and I definitely thinks she is just being very caring. Woow, this quality of care and love is what I seek to have from you, My love. I do not say everything would be perfect, but together we can share care and love and together become better.

The type of relationship I want to have with you is such that people would never be able to believe and accept that it is true. Married people would say you are saying this because you are yet to be married, but sometimes, even if some things do not work out, at least, we tried, we wished they did work out. A relationship where openness, trust and love is always available all through the day, a relationship where you can draw on your partner for strength when everything seems to be off for you.

Everyday in life, we go through ups and downs. A wife that would be there to bring you up in your down days and who you can also do the same for. A wife that would give you her all without holding back and I would also do the same. A relationship where we act as if we were already in heaven, doing every single thing without holding back, giving all we have got.

Everyday, I pray that you come sooner and sooner. But wherever you are, know that I love you with all my heart. I would never hold back any form of love away from you. It’s easier said that done, well every thing is. But the intention is sometimes what makes the difference between saying and acting.

With love in my heart, I tell you that I would wait patiently for you to come and please be easy and calm on your way coming. Your husband is an easy going, calm and honest man. Always trying to be better. I do not promise you heaven on earth, but I definitely assure you that if heaven would be on earth, we would have everything it would have.

Till I hear from you, your ever loving husband

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