A Sense of Purpose

Having watched Mark Zuckerberg’s commencement speech at Harvard, I was moved by the concept of Sense of Purpose. The speech made me reanalyze what I was doing and if I indeed had a sense of purpose. Before understanding whether I had a sense of purpose or not, I needed to understand what a sense of purpose means.

So a lot of people have a purpose for doing what they do. People go to work because they have to go to work, people enter relationships because relationships are sometimes fun and sometimes interesting. People do a lot of things for a lot of reasons. But do all reasons really matter.

Having a sense of purpose involves having an higher meaning for what you are doing. The purpose is beyond every single physical purpose. You have a much higher meaning to whatever it is you are doing. So for example, you go to work not only because you have to work but because you need to make your family comfortable and happy. You want to be a source of someone’s happiness. These type of reasons transcend our basic reasons for doing a lot of the things we do.

It does not matter what it is that you do. All that matters is that you do your work diligently with a sense of higher purpose. You simply do not work to make money. You want to make money to better people’s life. Imagine what Facebook’s sense of purpose is. It is to connect the world. Google’s sense of purpose is to organize the world’s information in a way that is easily accessible to everyone on the planet. Microsoft’s sense of purpose is to ensure that every household has a computer.

All these people made these commitments when it seemed really impossible to achieve what they have envisioned. A lot of people never believed in them. But today, the people who did not believe in them wish they did and the people who indeed believed in them are happy they did.

Take your time to analyze what your sense of purpose is. In your relationship with your spouse, what is your sense of purpose? In your job, in your family and in every area of your life, what is your sense of purpose?

A sense of purpose should serve like a compass that directs your life towards a long and fulfilling period on earth. It does not matter how long you spent on earth, all that matters is that you spent your years with a sense of purpose.

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