A Thousand Place I’ll Rather Be

Life can be very challenging going as far as trying to challenge the very core beliefs we hold dear to our hearts. We face enormous challenges every day and we sometimes wish we gave up even before we started. We dream of those days when we would simply sit at the beach all day simply enjoying what nature has provided us with.

But clearly, it goes beyond simply thinking about what we want, but also going out there and striving for it. In doing that only can we achieve the success we have for long been thinking of.

A thousand place I’ll rather be is a poem by Mariya Sidi that clearly shows the life of a hardworking medical student who wished she could be somewhere else rather than remaining in the hospital, taking rounds, and many more. She wished she could close her eyes just for a minute as her eyes simply could not hold on any longer but her brain keeps explaining why that might not be the best thing to do.

Many more experiences of this wonderful medical student have simply caused me to sit and reflect on the challenges we all face daily. We simply wish all the challenges were over and we did not have to deal with any of them. But no matter what, to be successful in life, you would need to be ready for the challenges ahead,

Being ready does not mean you would not get tired. Being ready means you are aware that the worst might happen but you are optimistic that you would live through. You have a mindset that believes that you would persist and persevere.

Even with the thoughts of all the other activities, you could be doing, you would choose to do the very honorable things. Those that require that you put in your best at all times.

You would wish to rather be watching a movie than working out. You would prefer to remain in bed when you should be awake early in the morning to serve your Lord. You would wish you did not have to do some things but you still need to persevere and carry on.

To be able at any point to give up what you are for what you want to become is one of the greatest traits of great people. A thousand thoughts of all the interesting things you could be doing right now that might simply bring short-term happiness would cloud your mind all day, but continue to persist and never let those thoughts overpower you.

The world is yours to conquer but first, you would have to fight those thousand thoughts of where else you could be.

Thanks and God bless.

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