Am I In Love?

Sometimes, we ask ourselves the question “Why Am I in Love with this person?” We might get an immediate answer and sometimes, we cannot really figure out why. We simply know we want to be with that person. Whatever your reason is, always consider love as a verb not a noun.

Love is not a feeling you get mostly explained by movies. Love is not only about that one time gaze that makes the whole world come down to you. Love is care and feeling in action. It is a feeling confirmed by our actions. It is the ability to think about making another person better while also growing.

Sometimes, we do not get to choose who we care and love. They just happen and we feel we need to be more attentive and caring to certain people. It does not matter how we met. It just happens.

This feeling is what I am currently feeling about a lady I met recently. Not exactly sure why I really like her, I simply just want to get to know her and really love her. Love as a verb. But the more I try, the more it seems to never work. The more I try to see reason with her to give it a chance, the more she gets away from me. Well, when a guy says he likes a girl, it does not always have to be romantic. It could simply be a innocuous feeling which if given a ground to grow can blossom into something great.

Whatever the latent reason for loving this young lady is, it does not seem to go away any time soon. I hope she would one day read this and truly understand that I do truly care and want to be friends with her.

We say we have a reason for doing something. Just because we have a reason does not make the reason right. We can always look at the issue from another point of view and angle. Some might say this is obsession but it is not. It is simply an innocent young man’s way of saying he is really interested.

The most important quality I think anyone should have in a relationship is to be sincere about their feelings. Letting out whatever their heart and mind carries without fear of devaluation or brutish criticism.

My short writing might not carry any more weight than that of a young boy madly in love, but the only thing I can tell you is I profusely let out my heart feelings and for you to know that I really care.

One of the greatest regret people make is Indecision or Inaction. I would not want to make the same mistake with you and which is why I use this medium to let you know that I truly care.

Thanks for Reading.

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