Are You Living Or Simply Existing?

How long have you lived on Earth? Well, when you ask that question, most people simply tell you their age. But well, to me that is how long you have existed on Earth. Because there is a difference between existing and living.

So what is the difference? Living is more about fulfilling a certain goal every day that you exist. Without living to fulfill a goal, all you do is exist. But too many of us simply exist. We follow every day as it comes with no plan to make a difference. Not about making a difference in the world, but even making a difference in our own lives. We just follow as everyone around us does. We do what everyone does. That is not living. That is existing.

You have to make a deliberate effort to live and not to exist. Every day you have 24 hours to use. How do you spend it? Do you spend it complaining? Complaining about how life would have been better if you were different, if you were born rich or if you had one thing or the other. Simply creating nothing but excuses. Or you can make a deliberate decision to live every day to its fullest with the resources currently at your disposal.

Seeking a goal and simply pursuing it. That is living. The world has a population of about 7 billion people. What are you doing differently? Are you simply following the path everyone is following? When we follow the path everyone follows, we are simply existing. But to live, you have to take the path less traveled.

Take a few moments today and recount how much of your life has really been lived. People think they have such a short time to live while they are actually wasting what little time they had. Because let’s imagine that you have an extra hour added to the normal 24 hours in a day. What would you do with it? Continue with what you are doing? And would that make you any better? If you can make good use of the time you have now, that is all that matters.

People that really make a change in this world are people that truly lived. Not people that simply existed. When you decide to no longer exist but truly live, life then makes more sense.

Greatness and happiness are the path of the person who seeks to live rather than exist

Consider you have already spent about 3 decades already on earth. How has it been spent? How many of that time was spent eating, sleeping, walking, chatting on social media? When you look at the time you have indeed lived, that should be less than 5 years. So I am not saying that you should not sleep or play, rather I am suggesting that we become better aware of what we do every day, how we spend our time.

Remember, everyone on earth is existing, it takes a bold step to indeed live rather than exist.

Thank You And God Bless.

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