Becoming a Better Programmer

Ever thought of just moving from the bottom of the leader to the top in the area of programming, you wish you can just be the best just like that. Type codes like a ninja, people knocking at your door for answers and you would just be there responding to them in the best way that you can.

But did the best of the best just get there, well we all know the answer. So if you are still struggling on the ladder of becoming a better programmer, keep going because it takes more than sheer wishing to becoming the best. It takes a whole lot of discipline. Working while you can and even when you cannot.

Its about reading books, writing and reading code consistently without ever looking faith in yourself even when everyone says its not possible. You have to be ready to go beyond your normal daily activities if you want to be the best at programming. If you are average, then your results would be average. So start going beyond your normal daily routine, follow the routines of champions and you would not remain average.

Keep developing yourself, keeping learning and keep coding.

Programmers, We ROCK