Being fulfilled As A Programmer

Complexity, Autonomy and Connection between Work and reward according to the book Outliers are the three things that determines if we fell fulfilled with our work. As a programmer, the condition stands true. A lot of programmers program not only because of the pay but because of a certain fulfillment in doing what they live to do i.e. passion

As a programmer, when programming problems becomes less complex, we feel a little underutilized and a feeling of being underutilized by a programmer is a very bad feeling.To go from being underutilized to optimally utilized, programmers would have to start thinking of more complex problems than what is currently available. When any developer wants to do more complex tasks, he seeks for the problems himself or herself. The whole world is filled with tasks waiting to be executed by anyone. Our abilities to find these problems is what makes us programmers.

Some programmers sometimes feel their present technical knowledge is not enough to solve a certain problem. It is however important that a programmer puts aside what he thinks and start really doing it. When you feel your current skills are not enough, start with the skills you have and keep moving. At a certain point, the skills you think you do not have are not really as big as you thought they were.

Seeking to solve complex problems are some ways programmers get fulfilled. Also being able to decide which problem to work on otherwise known as autonomy makes a programmer shine more than diamond. The feeling of being able to solve complex tasks based on your decisions and correct fact makes a programmer go beyond the ordinary to always prove that complex things are not really complex.

Most programmers are not into programming for the money, however a direct relation between hard work and reward makes a programmer feel more appreciated. It does not really mean the money is what the programmer wants, it simply means the programmers effort are really appreciated and this makes a programmer really fulfilled.

The field of programming can be boring or fulfilling. It depends on which we choose for ourselves.

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