Collaborating As A Team

One of the major issues facing Software Development Team is Collaboration. As such, a lot of Software has been created to help improve collaboration between programmers. However, as some solutions are created, it seems to open ways to more issues. So with a lot of Software at our disposal, programmers begin to get distracted with too many applications for collaboration. The use of email has been efficient but recently a lot of organizations are beginning to avoid it as it has began creating a new set of issues.

Collaboration is key. Collaboration is important. However, to collaborate more, better ways of collaboration have to be devised or else we would continue in the same loop of lack of collaboration. At my organization, we have chosen a particular step of collaboration which we think we can test over time and see how it works. Anyways, the goal of Lean Organizations is to pivot or persevere on whatever concept they try.

So the basic mode of collaboration is by daily updates. We use the application slack to keep everyone up to date with the current activities we all are working on and if anyone has any major issue, they can use that opportunity to point out their issue if there is anyone who can help.

The daily update method was chosen after the daily stand up meeting seemed to not be producing the much needed result. The daily stand up was kind of restrictive in that programmers must all be available at the same time of the day. However, the daily update seems to give a window for giving the update within a certain time range and programmers are supposed to submit an update anywhere they are within that time.

The daily update method is not without its own flaws as some people forget to report their daily issues for lack of internet or simply have one issue or the other. However, with constant reminder about daily updates, people seem to keep up to speed.

Also meetings is needed but should definitely be minimized. Impromptu meetings should be discouraged and if any meeting is to be held, time should be given to enable people prepare for such meetings. Programmers really do not like meetings and an impromptu meeting is more annoying than a normal meeting.

We fix meetings at a particular time of the week so that programmers can fix that particular period for meetings only so that everyone is aware about the meeting. Well, we are still experimenting these collaboration methods but more can still be done to improve.

Concerning how tasks are assigned and resolved, we generally use JIRA. JIRA has helped solved a lot of issues in helping to design Kanban Boards, scrum boards and others. Support ticket issues are also assigned using JIRA. However, issues with internet and familiarity with using JIRA is one of the issues we are currently having. However, with good internet, the issue with JIRA would definitely be handled.

As more methods are discovered, collaboration between team members is something that needs to be updated and productivity is something that needs to be improved. Productivity can always be updated and collaboration between programmers is one way to improve that.

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