Communicate Please

Information is powerful. With the right information, people can well be aware of what is important and what is not. In the absence of any information, people try to fill in the blank spaces information is supposed to occupy. So as such, getting information and getting the right level of information is a very important concept in our daily lives.

For example, couples in a relationship must communicate in other to understand what each other is going through. But without communication, they both begin to speculate and guess what is happening to the other person. They begin to get suspicious and if the matter is not properly handled, it degenerates into an uncontrollable problem and issues soon start rising.

However, all these could have well been cleared from the beginning only if we all communicate. It would have saved us all the time we needed to think and fill in the blanks for ourselves. Such time would have been spent organizing some better affairs in our lives.

So I speak directly to you today to seek for the information you need. If you need to understand why your parents do what they do, communicate, if you need to understand why your friend is the way they are, communicate. If you ever have any information you need to have answered, all you need to do is to communicate.

Because if you do not communicate, it creates an atmosphere of suspicion. An atmosphere of complete distrust which is neither good for any of us. So whatever the issue is that you have, do communicate.

But in communicating with other people, choose your words carefully. It would rather be advisable that you read “How to Win Friends And Influence People” By Dale Carnegie before you embark on the journey of communicating with people. It would help in a very long way. Whatever your needs for information are, always seek to understand the major reasons from the person directly. Do not go around seeking to fill in the blanks from inappropriate ways.

But some people are very hard to communicate with. That would be the response some of us would give. For different people, they have different ways of understanding. Seek to find the best way to communicate with the other person before you communicate. It would really be very good for us all in the end.

So make a decision today to seek to get the information only from the right source. No form of gossip should be entertained.


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