Communication The Key to Success

A lot of programmers develop relationships with one and only one thing: their laptop. This really sounds very great and productive until you discover that it is indeed one of the wrong things to do. Before you disagree, kindly read through.

We are in a world where people believe they do not need others to achieve success. People believe they can simply survive in the world all by themselves. Yes, that is really good and very great. But remember as a programmer, your greatest strength never lies in being able to work alone. Your strength lies in being able to work together as a team. You are the best programmer in an organization but if everyone does not like to work with you, then your value as a programmer is not really appreciated.

I might argue that if Steve Jobs was still alive, Apple would make better designs than it currently is. However, Jobs is dead and I see no one who has really been trained to take over the works of Jobs. So as a programmer, no matter how good you are, kindly find time to build relationships and I mean great relationships with people around you, because no matter how good you really are, you cannot be here forever. Build relationships that truly matter, make time out to become a better team player.

In the world of programming, very few job placements would require a programmer work alone, however on a lot of jobs, you have to work as a team even if you are not physically together. Make your team better, discuss whatever silly idea it is you have in mind. Most of us want to act cool and not appear foolish at meetings, so we keep our thoughts to ourselves. Never ever be in a time and think as such. The moment you do so, you have already left the team. Communicate in whatever form you think is necessary, let people know what you feel about a certain idea or concept and never ever be alone. Even computers can never work alone. They need to be interconnected to give us the access that we seek.

Make it a habit today to break away from your normal self attitude and move around building relationships with people who make you better and indeed feel better.

Thanks for Reading