Fall, Get back up, Learn and Keep moving

It seems as if we can never achieve perfection no matter how much we try to achieve it. We seek out for a goal, we keep pushing, we fall, and then we get back up again and start from where we have fallen. There does not seem to be a way in which we can simply achieve all that we want without having to make a mistake or fail at some point.

Understanding that perfection might not really be what we need would really help us go far in life. Realize that what is most important is getting started, falling and getting back up. In the end, the falling and getting back up was never random. That is the most important thing you have to realize. Understand that whatever happens has a plan. So when things do not go your way, get yourself back up and keep going. Keep moving forward.

Life does not always have to go the way we planned it. Well, we are not fully in control so how do we hope to control it all. When things are happening that you could never anticipate, the most important thing is to look deep inside and see if the fault is not from you. Sometimes we look too far for a problem that is simply close by. When you have looked close enough and cannot find the problem, then you can look further.

Realize that not all mistakes are from an outside force. Some of them are due to our carelessness and lack of time management. Whatever reason we might have would not suffice. All you need to understand is that life is a learning center, the most important thing to do is to always learn from every situation that happens. You do not need to be perfect in your understanding, but to always look for the lesson in everything you learn.

In school, we are told what we would learn before class starts, but in life, we understand what we are supposed to learn when the lesson is over. So understand that you need to look for the lesson in everything that happens. We are not perfect, but we can improve day by day, become better the more we learn and in the end become better versions of ourselves.

We might not achieve perfection in whatever we work on, but we should realize that we can be much better than we currently are. So fall, get back up, learn and keep moving. The whole world awaits your success. Thanks and God Bless.