Get Back Up

I run everyday, write Medium posts almost everyday. But well that was me a few months ago. Now, I hardly run weekly and I barely write my blogs everyday. But at this point, all I have is two options. To continue whining about the things I used to do or simply continue where I stopped.

It does not matter what your past was, you cannot get it back. All you can do is to use the future to your advantage. That involves getting yourself back up and never giving up. When people think of successful people, they imagine people that never had to fight back. They imagine a set of people who simply had all they asked for.

But that is never the case. The successful ones had to fight their battles. They were sometimes knocked out but only one thing made the difference, they were willing to get back into the race. Willing to give it all they have.

Willing to use today only as the last day. Never think that your struggles would be any less painful. You only need to have a goal. Keep pursuing and keep moving. That is all that matters.

Whatever situation you are in today that seems rather impossible to get out of, remember that if you do not leave, you would remain there and bear all the consequences that are there. You would remain in the same place and only complain about how you would have been better if you did more.

A life of regret is simply a life of not getting back up when we should have. People regret not doing what they were supposed to do because they could not get back up. A life of regret is simply a dead man living. Because you never really live in the present. You are always remembering the past. The past which we can do nothing about. And also not living in the present.

Living life without living in the present is nothing more than a dead man with thoughts. A dead man cannot do anything in the present and his thoughts are only about the past.So what about you?

Are you thinking and living in the past? You can always get back up and get better than you were before. All you need to do is to get up. Know that you would fall off from time to time, but the most important thing is to never stay down.

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